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About us

Our company provides comprehensive legal assistance regarding the legalization of stay and work of foreigners in Poland. We represent our clients when applying for temporary and permanent residence, as well as provide legal support for employees and employers in the field of work permits. We deal with the registration of stays of citizens of European Union member countries. We offer legal assistance when establishing a business and when foreigners acquire real estate. We operate throughout Lower Silesia (Dolny Śląsk), but also in other regions of Poland. Overcoming official difficulties while legalizing your stay is our specialty.

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Are you a foreigner and want to stay in Poland?
Maybe you’re an employer, and you employ foreigners?
Entrust us with your case and do not worry about paperwork!
Our experts will do everything for you to get a favorable decision for you. Fast, reliable and professional

We offer legal assistance in legalizing your stay and work:

  • We will obtain a residence card for you, including an EU blue card, a permanent residence card, and a long-term EU resident card

  • We will obtain for you all types of work permits and declarations of entrusting work

  • We will obtain a residence registration for you, a residence card for an EU citizen’s family member and a permanent residence card for EU citizens and their families

  • We get an invitation for you


  • We will advise you in choosing the right form of business

  • We will help you register a business

  • We will set up a company


  • We will help you obtain Polish citizenship by the President of the Republic of Poland.

  • We will help you obtain a confirmation of possession or loss of Polish citizenship

  • We will help you to obtain Polish citizenship using an administrative decision issued by the Lower Silesia (Dolny Śląsk) Voivode

  • We will assist in restoring Polish citizenship


  • We will deal with the relocation of foreigners and their families.

  • We will help in concluding a safe rental agreement or purchase of the real estate


  • We will provide you with legal assistance regarding the legalization of your stay and work in Poland even if you are in Poland illegally

  • We will help in the procedure of revocation of the foreigner’s entry ban


If you are an employer and you employ or plan to hire an employee from another country, we will help you with the formalities involved. We prepare the necessary documents and fully engage in each entrusted to us, because we know that time is money. We help in obtaining work permits of all types for foreigners from around the world. We provide legal assistance in obtaining a statement on entrusting work, information to the governor, work permit (A, B, C, D, E), seasonal work permit, secondment to work in Poland.

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Stay in Poland

Stay in Poland
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